10 tips to be a good radio host with Shoutcast

Radio is a paradoxical medium. We often listen to it because of the music it broadcasts, but we also like it to talk to us. Not too much, but a little nevertheless! Of course, Shoutcast’s RadioManager allows you (thanks to the interventions/voice tracks) to insert many moments of talk radio into your day.

But how do you make it happen? How do you say the essentials in a short timeframe? How do you grab the attention of your listeners… In short, how do you become a good MC on your webradio? That’s what we will see in 10 tips in this article.

 1. The basic principle: you are talking to a listener

In radio, you can talk to 10, 20, 2,000 or 100,000 listeners… But you are talking to one person first. You are not in a public place. On the contrary, you have to act as if you were talking to a single listener. Like a TV presenter who looks into a camera lens to talk to each of his viewers. It’s a principle you should always keep in mind. Love “your” listener, respect him, he will reward you!

 2. Prepare for your presentation

Whether you are live or recorded, prepare for your intervention. Write it down, repeat it, keep it short. Ask yourself the right question: what is the message you want to convey? Announce the next track(s)? Give a news update? Say just one nice word to the listeners? Depending on your objective, write your text, be frank and direct, keep your tone light and understandable by everyone and your message will pass easily.

 3. Make it short

10 seconds can be enough between two tracks. 20 seconds is already a lot of time and you have to have major news to give. 30 seconds is almost like a mini news flash. Be brief and efficient, it’s the guarantee of not only being heard but also listened to.

4. Don’t over do the interventions

Don’t go on the air whenever and too often. The goal is to have a regular and consistent presence on key moments in your programme schedule. With ten or so appearances over 6 to 8 hours of prime time during the day, you will already have a strong on-air presence.

 5. Find the right tone

If you’re a broadcaster on Shoutcast, the radio knows you! That means you know how a broadcaster expresses himself, what the right tone should be. On the other hand, know how to adapt to the tone of your antenna. The tone of a dance radio host is not the same as that of a jazz or rap radio.

 6. Keep up with the news?

How do you vary your interventions? How do you capture the listener’s attention? By telling them about their daily life, their concerns, the rain and the good weather , the holidays or the weekend that is coming up, or the latest box-office hit. Not to mention, of course, the latest music news. The news is full of topics, so select the best ones.

 7. Listen to yourself!

Record and listen to yourself, identify your faults and ask yourself the right questions: Was my text understandable and complete? Did I pronounce everything correctly? Did I speak too fast? Also listen to how your speeches fit into your music program.

 8. A good microphone and a well insulated room!

Don’t record your interventions in your living room or kitchen, it might echo a little too much! Choose a small room with no echo and a good microphone.

 9. Put a smile in your voice!

Force yourself to smile during your speech. It may seem a bit silly to have a smile like that in front of a microphone, but you can hear it on the air! Try it, you’ll see it works!

 10. Ask for advice

What are your interventions worth? It’s often difficult to be your own judge. Ask your entourage, your friends, your listeners. If necessary, in the face of criticism, do not hesitate to question yourself, to review your tone, your voice, your flow. In radio, the listener is king, don’t forget that!