ABC Dance is celebrating its 10th anniversary

José Mora’s radio station, which has had several little sisters since then, was launched in August 2010. The ABC Dance package continues to be broadcast via Shoutcast since the beginning of 2020.

Hello José, what are the radios of the ABC Dance platform?

I currently manage ABC Dance which will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the end of August with a playlist based on the sound of the clubs but focused on house, future house, deep house, and some dance/electro hits, every night at 11 pm, the radio’s resident DJs are on the air.

But there is also ABC Dance – Reggaeton since October 2015 with a 24/24 reggaeton and Latin dance playlist as well as ABC Disco Funk which has just celebrated its 9th birthday on March 21st with funk, groove/RnB and funky house or disco house playlist.

How do you compile the musical programming for each one?

For ABC Dance, I have several trays by genre like a tray for house novelties, dance novelties, gold, recurrent strong/weak, strong/weak hits, etc… I have three clocks: morning, noon, and evening.

How do you make your jingles? They are particularly well done!

First of all, thank you, because it’s half homemade. I order my US voices on I mix them with the voices I work with. I work with a PC on which I just installed Audacity. I bought a lot of sound packs on, I have a Bird Um1 as a microphone and that’s it.

What does it mean to you now to be on Shoutcast?

I’m very attached to this brand because it’s thanks to it that I realized a childhood dream: to make a real radio. With Shoutcast, which has been around for years, I take less risk than any other competitor who can close down overnight. It is also the only brand that offers audience monetization.