Ads on podcasts are very well received

The latest Media Reactions study conducted by Kantar on the advertising market (14,500 consumer interviews on more than 290 brands covering 23 sectors, as well as 900 interviews with marketing experts from around the world) reveals that the podcast is now a leading medium with ads perceived as relevant and of higher quality. 

It’s a fact that podcasts and advertising go together very well. Brands love podcasts. They even prefer influencers, which are considered very effective in recent years to promote a product and reach the desired target.

The same is true for consumers. They consider advertising on podcasts to be of better quality and more relevant.

According to Kantar: “Ads on podcasts are perceived as being both better quality and more relevant than on other platforms.”

The various marketers in the sector have also increased their investments in podcasts in 2021. For 2022, they should continue to invest more, thereby accelerating the digital transformation of audio.