Advertising is more effective on audio than on video

Digital audio is more than ever a very effective medium for advertisers, as demonstrated by a recent Magna study conducted in the UK.

This study compares the effectiveness of the advertising message between digital audio and digital video. The result is clear: audio is the most effective medium for delivering an advertising message.

As explained above, the attention paid to an advertising message exists for 60% of the cases for audio against only 52% for video.

When it comes to actions taken by the user after hearing the message (searching for the product, clicking, sharing, etc…), audio is well above the average of 100, with an index of 117 against only 83 for video.

This result, which confirms all those who have long believed in the power of audio, confirms an obvious fact: since audio accompanies the consumer throughout his day (and during all his activities…) it offers multiple opportunities to achieve the perfect meeting between the advertising message and the user. For video, it is more complex.