Alabama’s Finest Radio: a real success

Broadcast on Shoutcast since its creation in the spring of 2013, Alabama’s Finest Radio broadcasts and promotes many independent artists from Fultondale, Alabama. If its broadcasters remain discreet and do not wish to be quoted, the audience is there, with several thousand simultaneous connections! The radio is often well established in the Top 10 radio stations broadcast by Shoutcast, all categories combined. A considerable feat!

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What is the reason for such success? A program you don’t hear anywhere else, explains the management of the radio station: “The initial objective was to promote independent music in a context where streaming was becoming a major axis of music distribution. We brought independent artists onto our platform who have benefited from the growing popularity of the program over the years. »

Alabama’s Finest artist spotlight platform has been in existence since 2010 and its success has enabled the radio station to start broadcasting in 2013 with a sizeable audience already in place. But this success also comes from cross-promotion operations, both digitally and by being physically present with flyer distribution in targeted areas.

Alabama’s Finest radio has also relied more on partnerships and networks than on competition. Mutual help to grow together instead of a fierce war that can do a lot of damage.

With an original and quality program, a well-identified community of listeners, a smart promotion, Alabama’s Finest Radio is now a leader! An example to follow!