Almost 10 years on the air for America’s Country

Timmy Marini shares his passion for radio and country music from Utah, where he lives with his family near Salt Lake City. Almost 10 years ago, he created this web radio that has become a true reference for listeners around the world.

Hello Timmy, can you tell us why you created America’s Country?

I launched America’s Country, officially, on Jan 1st, 2011. The first song I played at midnight was Brad Paisley’s This Is Country Music, how perfect?!! I thought of the name because I always felt strongly about The United States of America and have loved Country music for a long time. I felt like calling my station America’s Country would bring a sense of ownership of this great genre of music and lifestyle. America’s Country aims to bring together all lovers of country music, whether they are from the USA or elsewhere.

But I also created this radio station because I have always been attracted and passionate about broadcasting, ever since my younger years in Seattle. I listened to the radio in my room, I “played the radio”. You could say that I was hooked on radio in the 80s and 90s, with the DJ hosts of the time and some great jingles that spoke to me. As a teenager, I got to visit a real local AM radio station. The turntables, the DJ etc… It was fabulous. I knew that I was going to live in the radio world in the future.

What makes America’s Country unique, despite a very common musical style and many competing radio stations?

 I don’t know. I try to operate it a bit like a regular FM country station. I don’t have any live hosts, but I play a regular morning show that’s syndicated, John & Heidi Show, and a couple of weekend music feature shows, The Texas Country Music Countdown and The Radio Rehab Show (which is hosted by Diamond Rio’s bassist, Dana Williams!). I play mostly today’s top 60 billboard tracks and mix in big hits from the ’90s to now. Lately, I’ve been mixing in more of the older 90’s and early 00’s music as I feel like today’s modern country isn’t quite as good as it had been. But the new stuff certainly brings in the listeners so I gotta “play the hits!’ I don’t have any custom or sung jingles, just me doing quick, dry VO station IDs and sweepers, etc.

How do you explain the success of this radio station?

 I truly believe if you love what you do, people around you (like listeners) can feel that and can instantly relate and become bonded and loyal, even fiercely loyal. After nearly 10 years “on the air” I attribute my success and growth to patience and love and time. Try to be consistent but also don’t become stagnant. Adjust, flex, and adapt to what’s happening.

My promotion consists of Twitter, Facebook, and to a small extent (as in, it kinda is just there) Instagram. Facebook is where most of my active conversation and interaction happens. FB Page Likes rarely correspond with station listeners. Sure, it helps bring people in. For me, it’s a way to interact and relate and by happenstance, to “promote” America’s Country.

I also have contact with many listeners from all over the world, which is often exciting and moving because America’s Country brings a lot of comfort to those who are in difficulty, in poor health. It’s quite sensational.