“At home” listeners are always in the majority

Where is the most audio content listened to? In the car, at home, at the office? The Covid-19 crisis seems to have upset a trend that until now was well established with a little less than half of listening at home (49%), a third of listening in the car (32%), and 15% in the workplace.

But the health crisis has changed habits, at least temporarily, as the Share of Ear study shows. Indeed, during the second quarter of 2020, listening in the car and at work has been considerably reduced in favor of the listener’s home (70%), obviously due to confinement and teleworking measures.

How did things evolve in the third quarter? The easing of rules in many countries has led to a return of listening in the car (28%), but, as if habits were gradually changing (and also because many companies have renewed the principle of teleworking over a long period), listening at home has remained in the majority (10 points more than before the crisis with 59%).

A development that seems largely favorable to digital audio compared to AM/FM. Indeed, radio waves are still popular with motorists for listening to audio in the car, while digital works very well at home, the ideal place to listen to your favorite web radio.