Clocks, How to use them

But what is a clock? If you are used to Shoutcast’s RadioManager, then you use them regularly to compose your program. But are you using this function correctly?  We will get into more detail in this article.

What is a clock?

The clock decides the order as well as the proportion in which each of your musical boxes and jingles is diffused; this is the central element of your program. It is by arranging your musical/jingles boxes on a clock, depending on the proportion that you wish, that you will decide the number of times that these boxes will diffuse according to one another.

For example?

You have four musical boxes

– Gold (the must-have tracks) – 120 tracks

– New releases (tracks just released) – 30 tracks

– General (tracks released several months ago but still available) – 200 tracks

– Young talent (the young artists you promote) – 20 tracks

And on jingles box

– Jingles ( all of your on-air look program) – 15 jingles

That’s five boxes that you’ll have to distribute on your clock according to the antenna style you want to have (lots golds? more new releases?)

Let’s start with the musical boxes :

Let’s assume that the general bin, which has the most tracks, will form the base of your musical program. It is then up to you, to see what proportion of golds, new releases, young talents you want to add; as well as the order in which you want to broadcast them (Do you want to broadcast Gold every three titles? etc.)




New Releases




Young talent



New Releases

The general box will broadcast five times

The gold box will broadcast three times

The New releases box will broadcast two times

The young talent box will broadcast one time

The clocks also make the order of the tracks aired, in this example we see that :

  • We never have two tracks from the same box in a row
  • There is always a minimum of two other tracks in between each gold track
  • There is still a minimum of three tracks of another box between each new release

It is up to you to modify your clock according to the importance you want to give to each box.

Once you have organized all your music boxes, you can add your jingle boxes according to the frequency of jingle distribution you want (all titles, both titles, etc.)

Should there be a lot of clocks?

Not necessarily, a single clock can be enough if your antenna color remains unchanged throughout the day and whatever the day. Your day template will be even easier to build since they will only contain one clock (from 5h to 4h59). However, if your antenna color changes throughout the day, you will need to create several clocks.

Finally, don’t hesitate, to analyze the statistics of your clocks. This feature gives you excellent information about the average broadcasting time of each tray over one hour. Very informative!