COVID has changed listeners’ habits in the United States

With Covid-19, listeners’ habits in the United States have changed, especially when it comes to listening in the mornings. There aren’t as many people listening to audio content at 7 in the morning anymore. The Edison Research Share of Ear® study, conducted during the period of disruption due to Covid-19, demonstrates this very recently.

According to this study relayed in particular by, people aged 13 and over in the United States started listening to audio 75 minutes later on average, compared to before the previous period, without a health crisis.

The Share of Ear study, which asks interviewees about their use of audio media during the day, shows that before Covid-19, the time when 50% of Americans started their “audio day” was around 7:15 am. During the COVID, this audio starter was shifted to 8:30!

What’s the reason for the gap? Probably the reduction in commutes. Laura Ivey, research director at Edison explains: “With many people staying at home or working from home during Q2, they did not engage with audio as early as they did pre-COVID. This data shows that if Americans continue current work patterns, audio strategies may need to be adjusted.”