Feeling Love a radio “of basic necessity” in this period of confinement.

Pierre-Alain Rouxel, 36 years old from Paris, launched Feeling Love 8 years ago and the radio is doing very well on Shoutcast today. This personal development coach is convinced that his radio is very useful in this period of confinement.

Remind us of the story of Feeling Love since its creation. Why did you choose this musical genre?

It was originally intended to accompany a dating site. One evening in the summer of 2012, I plunged into a jacuzzi and imagined myself with the person I love. What music would I like to listen to at that moment? Feeling Love was born that way.

How did the radio evolve?

I started with slow-moving programming of the last 40 years, and I’ve evolved it with more up-to-date titles in the acoustic version, which gives the radio a modern look.

Feeling Love is about to blow out its eighth birthday candles and has always managed to appeal to a wide audience. I recently went out to a tea room in Cherbourg and my radio was on the air. What a surprise! Feeling Love winked at me.

How do you put together the program?  

To be accessible to as many people as possible, I opted for an international program with a majority of English speakers, most connections to the radio are outside France.

In this time of lockdown, have you modified the programming accordingly?

I’ve indeed fine-tuned the program with a better-adjusted mix for an even more comfortable listening experience. I created my Facebook page Feeling Love Radio. Ideas can come from elsewhere, so I’m open to suggestions via Facebook. 

Do you think Feeling Love is particularly suited to the period of confinement we are living through?

Yes, I do. This period of confinement allows us to refocus on ourselves and what we have come to do on this earth. I consider this historical moment as a great adventure. It’s about moving the lines, changing the norms, getting back to basics. Listening to your heart and letting it express itself, I think that’s the best thing we can do right now.

How was the switchover, what does it mean to you now that you’re on Shoutcast?

It’s great, it’s about time we had that kind of support. Radionomy allowed me to make my dream come true and create my radio station. Shoutcast allows me to continue. This decision was necessary and congrats for making it.