Five web radio concepts to help your listeners

In the highly competitive world of web radio, where tens of thousands of programs rub shoulders, the obligation to differentiate oneself, to find the most original program idea, THE most original concept keeps coming up again and again. How to stand out from the pack? How to make a buzz? How, with one idea, do you manage to attract and retain a large number of listeners? By breaking the usual radio codes, by being disruptive, in the manner of start-ups, by disrupting the industry. How do you make things happen? By putting the listener and his well-being at the heart of your concept. This is undoubtedly the best way to get his or her attention. To do so, you have to promise to improve his or her daily life. Here are five original concepts, which may be a little off the beaten track, but which will appeal to listeners, media and social networks.

The radio that helps you concentrate

Some artists, Mozart in particular, are renowned for having composed music that helps concentration, which allows one to isolate oneself from the outside world, to refocus on a specific task. Make a promise to your listeners that by listening to your radio, they will be more efficient at work, which is bound to appeal to many of them!

The radio that helps you sleep

Lack of sleep is a recurring problem. Many insomniacs, those who can’t fall asleep or who wake up in the middle of the night with their eyes wide open… Create a radio that will promise them to get back to sleep thanks to its programs: meditation, relaxing music, river, forest and rain noises. 

The radio that switches you off

Addiction to social networks, smartphones, emails, news channels… We live in an ultra-connected world and many are starting to suffer from it. Imagine a radio program to help you disconnect, a music program that is not very formatted, with long titles, artists who embody this offbeat side. In short, imagine this radio where “we take the time to get bored” …

The anti-stress radio

It’s a concept that’s a little overused by the many chilled out, Zen and other relaxation ideas. Yet if you define your stress radio concept with originality, if you present it as “the radio that lowers the pressure”, you’re bound to reach anyone who needs to “let go”. Here again, this can be achieved through music, advice from a specialist, etc…

The radio that makes you lose weight

Nobody had dared to think about it yet and yet here is the radio that will make you lose 5 kg before the summer! Let’s face it, it all sounds a bit far-fetched. And yet, in the age of junk food, isn’t the need to lose kilos, to slim down, the concern of millions of potential listeners? Dietary advice, voice sports coaching sessions, musical programs for running or pedaling… All ideas are welcome to build a radio program that makes you lose weight. 

In the same context, there’s the radio that helps you stop smoking… But then, let’s face it, it’s a bit more complicated to find the ideal program… Although…

Now it’s up to you to find the name and type of program that works best. These five concepts may seem completely absurd to you. But they are just radio stations that respond directly to the needs of their listeners, and they are concepts that, when properly promoted, with seriousness and originality, will ensure you a genuine buzz.