For recording podcasts, the RØDECaster Pro is always at the top

Here is a console that podcasters have been enjoying for a little over two years. The RØDECaster Pro may be a bit expensive (a little over 500 $) but it’s an attractive and practical podcast production studio. You don’t know it yet? We detail it here.

All in one ! The RØDECaster Pro is without a doubt the most complete product to easily record your podcasts. A real portable studio with the possibility of recording up to five people (four microphones + a telephone insert), but also a multicolored pad that can be used as a cartridge because it allows you to launch beds, music tracks and other sounds to be broadcast during your show, the objective being to record your podcast as if everything was live, without needing to do any editing. This saves a lot of time!

The RØDECaster Pro has four high-quality microphone inputs suitable for both studio static and conventional dynamic microphones. Connecting microphones for you and your guests is easy with four XLR inputs, as is level control and voice processing with Aphex (Aural Exciter and Big Bottom) on the touchscreen.

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The four XLR inputs of the microphones
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The touch screen, very practical

At the rear of the console, you will also find four headphone outputs (jack 6.5), which allows the host as well as each of the guests to have a return in his headphones, at the level he wants.

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As for the recording, it is done by pressing the REC button and on a microSD card or by connecting the console to your computer via a USB cable. It is very simple and you can start your first recording very quickly.

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The microSD card is inserted in the back of the console

Another major advantage of the RØDECaster Pro is that it has 8 programmable pads, allowing you to start playing sound content instantly. You can use it as a cartridge to launch jingles or effects, but also program music, commercials, interview excerpts… There is no time limit for the sounds that you can program in the pads via your computer with the software provided. It is even possible to choose the colors for the lighting of the pads. Note that there are two pages of eight programmable pads, so you can have 16 elements.

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The software allows you to download to the Rode Caster Pro the sounds you want to play on each key of the Pad

It is also possible to add an external guest thanks to an insert! This is probably the most impressive option because it is often very difficult to integrate a phone call into a podcast without a lot of hardware and complicated connections.

Here, you can actually connect your cell phone to the RØDECaster Pro via Bluetooth™ or with a TRRS cable. The RØDECaster Pro automatically sends your guest on the phone “N-1” audio feedback, preventing an echo from their end, whether with a phone call or any communication software like Skype. Very practical.

Of course, let’s repeat, it’s a bit expensive (511 $ at Thomann currently), but it will simplify your life and open up great perspectives for your content.