Have a successful digital radio in 2021

This new year should confirm the progress of digital audio. Online radio stations have not finished seeing their audience grow, with more and more advertisers, too, will be turning to this very effective medium. But how can we ride this wave? Here are a few tips to follow.

Be a pro and position yourself well!

The first foundations of online radio were laid in the late 90s. But it was during the years 2010, notably with the launch of Radionomy, allowing everyone to create their web radio for free, that the medium took off. 10 years later, Shoutcast took over. Over the years, the world of radio has become considerably more professional. The quality of programs is increasingly high, listeners become loyal to well-identified radios with real brands and real longevity. To succeed in 2021 with digital radio, you will have to be professional till the end, that is to say:

  • No longer be content to make a musical style its own brand. Lounge, jazz, rock, classical, dance, electro… All musical genres and subgenres are saturated with web radios! Instead, create a concept, an idea, a state of mind… in short, a real brand with its values, its slogan, its logo to seduce your listeners.
  • Create and develop a true community of listeners. To build brand loyalty and establish your brand, your radio station will need to have the closest possible link with its listeners. That’s what social networks are for. And in addition to allowing interactivity, they are an ideal means of promotion. So use them without limits.
  • Establish its presence on the scene. Referencing is another crucial aspect of the development of web radio. Referencing the site, the stream (use the addyourradio.com site for this), presence on specialized and/or generalist sites… Make sure that your radio is talked about everywhere. The more original the concept, the easier it will be.