How to create your webradio on Shoutcast and earn money!

Creating a webradio has never been easier than with Shoutcast, the world leader in online radio. With just a few clicks, you can choose your subscription, upload your content, schedule it and start broadcasting! Technically it’s quite simple and, on top of that, if you choose the Shoutcastforbusiness formula, you have 7 days free trial! You would be mistaken to deprive yourself of it. But let’s see the details step by step.

    1.Register on Shoutcast 

Creating an account on Shoutcast is very simple. Go to then click on Free Trial in the top right corner. Create a login, a password and you’re in the Shoutcast community, thanks to Shoutcast for business. This formula is the simplest since it doesn’t require any infrastructure on your part or automation software: you just have to design your program and upload the audio elements: Shoutcast takes care of the automation and the broadcasting! The basic rate is 14.90 euros HT per month (+ the possible additional storage option).

Welcome to Shoutcast!

2. Add the first elements of your radio

Name of the radio (be careful to choose the right one, it won’t be possible to change it afterward), logo, description of the radio etc… In a few minutes, your radio’s account is complete! You will be able to start building it.

3. Take your first steps on the planner

Shoutcast’s planner is the tool on which you will store your music and all your elements (jingles, podcats, voice tracks) and classify them to be able to program them easily. To know everything about the activation and the functioning of the planner: click here to know everything about the activation and the functioning of the planner. As soon as you have generated your first schedule in the planner, your radio will start broadcasting!

4. Choose the countries in which your radio will be broadcast.

Shoutcast does not manage broadcast rights. The producer therefore has to go to the different administrative agencies in the country or countries where his radio is broadcast to settle the rights directly. Carefully choose where your radio will be broadcasted by clicking on the Geolocation tab in Settings.

5. Activate monetization!

Targetspot will directly inject the commercials into your program, without you having to do anything! 

To do so, go to the monetize tab and launch the monetization program.

All you have to do is link your shoutcast account to a payment account and activate monetization!

In just a few clicks, you have just created a digital radio on Shoutcast and monetized it!

As the weeks go by, on this blog, we will be posting more and more tips on how to create a program that works, find your audience, build loyalty, so stay connected to to find out more, you too can be a success story in the world of digital radio. And for all the technical and practical information, don’t hesitate to consult our support page.

Good programming!