In 20 years, Cinemix has become a global brand

This web radio was launched in the early 2000s by Chris Vuillard. It is now broadcasted by Shoutcast servers, we met with its broadcaster the 49-year-old Frenchman Chris Vuillard.

Hello Chris, first of all, can you remind me of the concept of Cinemix?

Cinemix plays soundtracks from films, cartoons, series, and video games; these soundtracks are mostly instrumental and orchestral. We regularly propose musical themes.

The radio is already almost 20 years old…

That’s right. It exists since the early 2000s; it started on Live365; after several years, Cinemix had its broadcasting system via Radionomy and Shoutcast.

Today it is broadcast via Shoutcast servers; our SAM automation software allows us to be flexible and reactive: 5 minutes after the announcement of Ennio Morricone’s death, we broadcast his songs every hour to pay tribute to him.

How do you compile your program?

We have 7000 tracks, mostly from my CD collection (many of them are not available on online music platforms). We try to provide emotion with a sharp choice and we renew the program according to the releases of films and series.

Tell us about the radio audience…

I don’t have a cumulative audience figure, but Cinemix is well placed concerning radio stations specializing in soundtracks and is listened to all over the world. A series of articles place us in the top 20 of the best radios to listen to online! Finding ourselves between the BBC and Fip makes us feel very small and above all embarrassed… More than the audience, our reference is the number of donors: it hasn’t decreased over the years, even during the Covid-19 pandemic; I can only thank the fans from the bottom of my heart for their support…

Why do you think movie soundtracks are particularly popular?

I just know that the first music which marked me are E.T by John Williams, a vinyl of the best westerns and also the soundtrack of the cartoon “Once upon a time there was Space” by the late Michel Legrand… They carry our joys, our sorrows, our thirst for discoveries, our emotions, and life itself!