Le Rapologue, a hub of urban music

Hans and Alexandra are brother and sister and live in Quebec. They broadcast several musical streams, the main brand of which is “Le Rapologue”. A concentrate of urban music that you can listen to with pleasure.

First of all, can you remind us of the concept of the radio? And the choice of name?

We found that Montreal FM commercial radio stations didn’t play urban music artists and independent artists very much. We wanted to give a voice to urban music artists by deciding to play their music no matter how famous the artist was. If the track is good, we’ll put it in our playlist.

For the choice of the name, we wanted a name that was out of the ordinary. After a lot of brainstorming, we selected the name Le Rapologue. It identifies our musical flow well. Le Rapologue is a specialist in urban music, he’s there to entertain after a good or bad day.

How do you broadcast the radio at the moment?

We broadcast via a Shoutcast server and with the help of a player that we have integrated on our site. Listeners can hear our feed on our website www.LeRapologue.com.

What are the different streams you offer?

Rapologue Hip Hop is the first stream we created, it’s a channel that includes a lot of Rap, R&B and other urban music artists from all over the world. It’s also a station that gives artists a chance to make themselves known.

The Rapologue “À L’Ancienne” is a stream that gives space to the Rap artists that marked the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. It’s important not to forget the artists who paved the way in their own way to the current generation of urban music. That’s why we’ve chosen to call it “A l’Ancienne”.

The Rapologue Kafé will be an interesting stream that will give a choice for those who don’t like Rap 100%. This stream will feature Soul, R&B, Chillout Music and other styles with an urban sound. We’ve called this station Kafé because it will relax our listeners while enjoying their favorite drink…

How do you put together the line-up for each of the feeds?

We compose our line-up with the different tracks we receive and the ones we listen to. We put ourselves in the listener’s shoes. We can listen to a track several times to see if we’re going to add it to our playlist. We like to play songs with a good musical production as well as well written songs. Some artists deserve to be listened to because they have an interesting message to deliver.

Do you find that radio, more than ever, has a role to play in this time of confinement?

Yes, I believe that radio plays an important role during this health crisis. Some listeners are seeking information on the current situation on a daily basis thanks to certain stations and other radio stations broadcast music and comedy programs, this allows listeners to escape during this period of confinement.

How many tracks do you have on your playlist?

We have nearly 1200 tracks on rotation.

How often do you bring in new tracks?

We add new tracks every week.

How do you reconcile the management of your flows with that of your daily life?

It’s certainly not easy, because we both have jobs. As soon as we have availability in our schedules, we work on Le Rapologue. It’s a lot of work to do, we keep working on the website, finding new artists as well as new tracks. Not forgetting that we have to be active on the different social networks and find new ideas to integrate on our website. When we work on Le rapologue, we don’t see the time passing, it’s a very good sign.

Do you monetize your radio?

It’s in our plans. But before we monetize, we want to build the foundation of the Rapologue brick by brick.