Local internet radio, a model to be developed on Shoutcast

In more than a decade of development, internet radio is now reaching maturity while remaining a constantly evolving universe where ideas are abundant. The competition is still fierce and it is inevitably very difficult to stand out. However, there is still a niche that is not or only rarely used, but which nevertheless has real potential: that of local internet radio radio. Create a radio for your neighborhood, your village, your region, do you want to do it? Does it seem complicated? Chronophage? Not necessarily and we will tell you why in this article.

    1.Proximity and web are not contradictory

Just because your internet radio can potentially be listened to all over the world, does not mean that you should target listeners all over the world. It is better to have 500 well-identified listeners in your city, with whom you can interact and grow, than 1000 listeners scattered all over the globe, who will listen to you once in a while at random during their musical research… Making the web in general and internet radio in particular does not prohibit proximity.

    2.Proximity often rhymes with success in the media

Historically, proximity has often been an interesting option for the media. The listener always wants to be on his radio, to listen to the latest news from his region or city, to hear hosts who have the same accent as him. The undeniable success of the local AM/FM sation is not to blame.

    3.Webradio allows you to do ultra local

While FM offers regional or city-wide radios, the flexible and easy-to-use web radio makes it possible to go even lower, at the village, district or neighbourhood level. Enjoy it!

4. Internet radio has become a mainstream medium

OK I am willing to create the radio for my neighbourhood but how can I make myself known to my local target audience? What a few years ago seemed like an impossible mission is now quite feasible. Today, Internet radio is no longer a confidential medium, speeds are getting faster and faster and (almost) everyone can connect to it. A little digital marketing on social networks, direct marketing thanks to the authorities (Town Hall etc…) and your radio will quickly be known by all!

5. Local people need a local media

Political and economic decision-makers, traders, members of the non-profit sector… Everyone needs to be discussed! Your web radio will be there to give them the microphone.

6. Nothing beats real and human contact

When you like to be on the radio, nothing beats direct contact with the listeners. This is what you will be able to find thanks to the development of your local web radio. And you will also be able to find a venue, build a team, find partners and funding… In short, it’s still much nicer than tinkering with a radio in your room by yourself!

7. It is not necessary to produce a lot of content!

Between 30 and 60 minutes of “fresh” programs every day and multi-broadcast throughout the day, that will be more than enough! Your listeners will not listen to you 24 hours a day. Local news flash, interviews with shopkeepers, local artists etc… Talk and get the people we never talk about talking about it

Now all you have to do is create your local program. Don’t forget to clearly define the geographical area you are targeting, choose a territory that has a strong identity. Also choose a name that immediately refers to the locality concerned. And get started!