Making a successful radio with the Lounge/Chill Out format

This is a format that was almost born with the advent of digital radio a few years ago. Lounge/Chill Out music had no voice on FM, it has become the flagship music of many successful web radios, starting with ABC Lounge whose soft (and almost always sung) melodies have attracted hundreds of thousands of listeners in recent years.

To unlock the secrets of the success of this very specific format, we met Michel Escale, FM pioneer in the 1980s in Paris (La voix du Lézard, Carbone 14) and who also worked on Radio Plus, the first private radio station in Geneva run by Michel Colin.

It was Michel Colin who introduced Michel Escale, creator of Chill One in 2013, to Radionomy and Shoutcast. And it is through the success of his radio that Michel gives us his little secrets.

Define your concept

“A web radio station like CHILL-ONE must be able to accompany the listener throughout the day, regardless of the location or type of activity, with only a selection of cool and relaxing music of quality without bla bla, unlike traditional FM radios,” explains Michel Escale.

Michel Colin (Chill One)

Refine your format

Chill One does not play any Lounge/Chill Out music. Michel Escale explains: “At first, I tried to stand out from the other radios (ambient, chill-out, lounge or downtempo) that already existed and to attract attention by directing CHILL-ONE more to a sharp selection of Electro chill innovations from all over the world. “

Work on your rotations

Michel Escale reveals: “We have a good base of Golds with very low rotation. It is composed of about 2000 tracks. Then there are Les Essentials, the best electro-pop chill releases of the current year. This corresponds to approximately 300 tracks, with an average rotation. Then I have the 30/40 new releases of the month with high turnover and finally the 10 new releases of the week with very high turnover. “

Choose your music carefully

“A planning meeting is held every Friday. The members of the “CHILL-ONE programming selection” team propose new products for the week… I give my opinion on the many proposals, but only enter 10 to 20 titles in the CHILL-ONE new products playlist each week in high rotation,” Michel tells us.