Our advice for a successful voice track

The voice of an animator brings warmth and closeness. It’s that little extra that radio will always bring in the face of the algorithms of on-demand music platforms. Shoutcast’s RadioManager, thanks to the voice track/intervention function, allows you to become the host of your radio without any difficulty. The principle is simple: you record in advance all your interventions and add them to your program thanks to the RadioManager. Here are a few tips to make your voice tracks/interventions a success and to program them.

What message should be conveyed?

The basic principle is: one intervention = one idea. The objective is to announce a program, a specific musical title, to announce an upcoming show. In short, to create a link between the radio and its listeners thanks to the voice of the host. Don’t forget to mention the name of the radio station at least twice during the message.

How long?

No more than 25 seconds. Your voice track is only a transition element between two longer elements of your programming. Avoid long monologues at the risk of losing the listener.

How many interventions per day?

It all depends on how much time you have. Voice tracks can only be used for an exceptional program, but if you decide to use them regularly to work on the antenna sound of your radio station, the ideal is to produce between 10 and 20 per day. It may sound like a lot but with a little organization and experience, you can record a whole week in an hour or two.

What voice?

The voice of a smiling and passionate facilitator: maybe yours or that of one of your team members! Some professionals do voice track on order. The service is often of high quality (as long as you provide them with a text), but you have to pay for it.

How to register them properly?

The quality of the microphone is essential (don’t forget the pop filter), as well as the sound processing. Don’t forget that these interventions are supposed to be live. Make sure that all your interventions have the same sound processing to have a real coherence on air.

How to program them in the RadioManager?

  • The interventions/voice track can be used :
  • In intro/extro of a music tray or advertising screen
  • In playlists

Directly in a schedule already generated by modifying it: this allows you to add an intervention at the last moment. Don’t forget to record the schedule once the element is added so that the added voice track is broadcast properly.