Our basic tips for a successful radio on Shoutcast

Creating a radio station on Shoutcast is a very exciting challenge and one that can generate revenue through Targetspot. If you are good at radio, you can have a successful project with Shoutcast. Thanks to Shoutcast’s RadioManager, you will be able to imagine, program, and broadcast your radio with your musical choices, your jingles, your shows… Do you want to get into the adventure? Here are 10 practical and basic tips that will be very useful.

1. Choose the name of the radio carefully

The name of the radio station is crucial. The best thing is that this name helps people to understand (directly or indirectly) the program your radio broadcasts. In a very competitive world, faced with thousands of other web radios, it is preferable to say what you broadcast from the name of your radio, it is the simplest.

2. To have a “readable” and original concept

A web radio will stand out and attract attention if its concept is both original and easy to understand. The talk program and/or the music you broadcast should be obvious from the first few seconds of listening to the radio. Don’t make a double concept! If you have two distinct ideas, simply create two radio stations! On Shoutcast, you can create as many radios as you want.

3. Put together a large playlist

The composition of your musical base is very important. All these titles will define the musical color of your radio, its identity. Take care to tag your tracks (title and artist) before uploading them.

4. Properly classify your tracks

You will upload your tracks to RadioManagr’s music bins. To facilitate your filing and scheduling, here are four ideas for bins:

  • Hits
  • High turnover
  • Low turnover
  • News

This will make it very easy to compose your clocks, whose purpose is actually to determine how often you allocate the bins to each other.

5. Take care of the mix points

Very important! For your tracks to follow one another perfectly, it is necessary to take care of the mix points. What is it all about and how do you do it? Read this article to find out more. 

6. Create a dozen jingles

Jingles are also very important. They too determine who you are. They must be coherent with each other (two different voices at most, same sound chart) but also coherent with your musical program (same tempo, same color etc…). 

7. Take care of your logo

Many sites today allow you to create a logo at little or no cost. The visual identity of your radio station is very important. It must reflect your brand, your style. Do not hesitate to spend time, to make several tries to choose the best logo.

8. Have your own website and app

That’s important too. But it takes time and sometimes costs a little money. Once your radio starts broadcasting and you are happy with the program, make a simple website. In the meantime, you should know that your radio is automatically present on all Shoutcast partners’ sites.

9. Social networks!

Social networks are nowadays essential for building your radio’s reputation. And nothing could be simpler than creating a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account for your radio station. We’ll be coming back in future articles on this blog on how to promote your radio with social networks.

There you have it, all you have to do is get started. For all the technical details, you can read this article “How to create your web radio and earn money with Shoutcast”.

It’s your turn to play!