“Podcast Grid of Pain”, where do you place your podcast?

In literal translation, we would say pain grid, which let’s face it, doesn’t mean much… The grid proposed on his blog by the media expert Steven Goldstein highlights the two criteria that allow the success of a podcast: its value and its notoriety. It is very interesting to analyze for each podcaster to see the progress he has to make to reach the dream box, located at the top right, where your podcast combines the qualities of high awareness and high-quality content. This is where the “Superstars” of the podcast are, according to Steven Goldstein.

For everyone else, there is room for improvement.

Starting with the bottom right box, where the largest number of podcasters are located, whose content may be interesting but not unique enough to differentiate themselves and therefore cannot benefit from any notoriety, word of mouth, or natural referencing.

On the top left, we count the podcasts that benefit from the strong notoriety of their creator, who can be for example a celebrity, a personality already known for something other than the podcast, but whose content is not up to the mark. Result: the audience is not there and this type of project does not necessarily go very far unless you question yourself.

On the other hand, there is hope on the bottom right. The quality is well and truly there, it just needs a small effort of communication, work on the networks, referencing… so that the work pays and that the listening and downloading are numerous.

And you ? where do you stand? This grid has the merit of allowing the podcaster to ask himself the right questions. And even if Steven Goldstein does not mention it in his article, it is also quite applicable, in our opinion, to the problem of the development of a web radio, which also needs notoriety and a quality program to meet its listeners.