Podcast listeners want to learn and be inspired

If there’s one thing that’s very real in this world of uncertainty, it’s that audio is more than ever a solid medium that’s ingrained in users’ habits. While AM/FM radio listening is declining, it is being replaced by digital listening, including web radios and podcasts. Are commutes shrinking because of Covid? Audio is still listened to while telecommuting at home and podcasts are booming!

But why do listeners choose this or that type of audio? Jeff Vidler reports on a survey of 1,510 Canadians conducted last June that identifies seven reasons why listeners turn on or click PLAY for each type of audio.

Here is the result:

The reasons are obviously different for each type of media, but the one that differs the most is probably the podcast, which is the only one that answers the need for “inspiration” of its listener, but which also puts forward the need to learn something new. This is not surprising, as the podcast offers very innovative talk content compared to what radio has historically offered (even in replay).

Let’s now see the activities that the interviewees do while listening to audio:

L’un des enseignements principaux est que la radio AM/FM n’est plus aujourd’hui le seul média audio que l’on écoute pendant ses trajets en voiture. Les podcasts sont notamment très écoutés pendant ces trajets, même s’il est d’abord écouté pour se détendre à son domicile.

One of the main findings is that AM/FM radio is no longer the only audio media that people listen to during their car journeys. Podcasts in particular are very popular during these trips, even if they are first listened to while relaxing at home.

But in the end, audio is more than ever-present throughout the consumer’s day, whatever the activity. The potential audience seems almost unlimited. Even if the universe is very competitive, it is quite possible to make a name for yourself by knowing how to meet a real need with original content.