Promote your podcast on social networks

In the world of podcasting, competition is tough. Tens of thousands of content arrive every day, the offer is abundant and it is very difficult to differentiate oneself. However, social networks can help you stand out from the crowd. How can they help you stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips.

1. Make your podcast a brand

An original logo, a simple and catchy name, coherent episodes… Make your podcast a well identified brand with its values and codes, if possible with its website. This will make it easier to promote your content.

2. Create an account in the name of your podcasts on the most important networks.

Even if you already have an account for your webradio and a personal account, create an account for your podcast as well, which will be entirely dedicated to it. Of course, starting from scratch and gaining subscribers won’t be easy at first. But it’s worth the effort.

3. Choose a strong visual for each episode

Social networks can promote audio content as long as it is associated with striking visuals. So think of a visual linked to the theme of each new episode and that appeals to social networks every time you post your podcast, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

4. Think about teasing

If you release a new episode every Thursday, do a little teasing on Tuesday or Wednesday, keep the suspense down and think about teasing. Create anticipation by revealing a little but not too much.

5. Carefully write the text for your posts

Show that your podcast meets specific needs. What will listeners keep from listening to it? What question does the podcast answer? What problem does it solve? Emphasize the added value of your episode to trigger listening.

6. Choose the right hashtags

Some hashtags will be common to your whole series, others will be specific to the themes covered in one or the other episode. Tools such as ritetag or allhastag can help you.

7. Post regularly

Regardless of the social network, you need to post a lot and regularly. For starters, make at least one post a day even if you only have one new podcast episode a week. Don’t wait for each new episode to post but feel free to share or create content related to the theme of your podcast. This will allow your social media audience to gradually build up and bring even more people to listen to your podcast.