Promote your radio on social networks in 2021

Social networks have long been an effective tool to grow your community of listeners. But their algorithm, their user-experience, their number as well ( who foresaw the inexorable rise of Tik Tok ?), change from year to year, almost from month to month. Not to mention the very precise positioning you have to keep in order not to suffer too much criticism. Developing the audience of your radio through social networks is done with precision and seriousness, by implementing a real strategy. Here are some tips to help you develop it.

A responsible positioning

If social networks are still a space of freedom where you can potentially say anything and imagine anything in terms of promotion for your radio, you must remain very responsible in your editorial choices to avoid any bad press. “Avoid missteps that may cause many negative reactions on topics such as education, ecology, gender equality, explains Isabelle Cougnaud, social media strategy consultant, during a meltwater webinar. People are looking for this equality everywhere. On Instagram, we have moved from aesthetics to social claims, the idea is now to get a real message across. “For your radio station’s social media communication, this doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to post on these themes, but that you have to avoid any mistakes (only highlighting white male artists for example). On the other hand, if these “responsible” values are also those of your radio (a column/podcast related to the protection of the environment?), do not hesitate to make it an important axis of promotion on the networks.

Be authentic and simple

Honesty and transparency always pay off on the networks. Show the behind the scenes of your radio, as they are, without trying to embellish them. Humanize your communication by asking your hosts/DJs to present themselves as simply as possible, without artifice. Play the authenticity card, show your flaws, the imperfections of your studio. The more real it is, the more the connection between your radio and your community of listeners will be created over time.

Stories are on the rise

How do you get those messages of responsibility and authenticity across? Thanks to the stories! Today, it is possible to make them on most networks (Instagram of course, but also Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even Linkedin!). They are very easy to make and allow you to capture those behind-the-scenes snapshots of the radio or the lives of the hosts. “If you have a sense of humor, that’s a plus,” says Isabelle Cougnaud. Humor is indeed a major asset to impose yourself on the networks. But if you don’t have it naturally, don’t force it…

Don’t forget the live stream, especially on Instagram

For a few years now, social networks have been allowing live broadcasts. Here again, the tool is available on most networks, but the bonus that Instagram offers is the possibility to make a live stream with several people (up to four at the same time). This makes it very easy to make real sequences that can boost your notoriety (artist interviews, exchanges with listeners, etc…).

Reels to escape Insta’s algorithm

These small 15-second video sequences have exploded with the arrival in force of Tik Tok. The “reels” are now also available on Instagram. If they are not as easy to make as stories, these small, well-scripted videos have a major advantage: even non-subscribers to your account can see them. Instagram’s algorithm for reels is very open and gives a chance to all accounts regardless of the number of followers. Result: the possibility of seeing your number of followers grow quickly with a successful reel, even for a very small account.

Choosing your networks and your strategy

There is no point in posting all the time and on all the networks. It’s up to you to choose the network or networks that will allow you to reach your potential listeners most easily. Facebook allows you to reach communities of listeners that have already been built up, especially via fan groups of artists or a certain type of music. Twitter will be more for talk and news radio. Instagram will be perfect for a music radio that has things to tell etc… In short, it’s up to you to choose one or two networks that you will give priority to.

Keep it up over time

Choose a rhythm of posts that will allow you to last. Two to three posts per week on Instagram is already enough, one tweet per day,… Don’t forget the time you may spend managing private messages. In short, know how to use social networks without them taking up all your time! An online radio station can’t do without a social media strategy, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the quality of the programs!