Promoting your radio station: to target 16-25-year-olds, rely on Instagram

82% of 16-25-year-olds will be using Instagram (in France) in 2021, according to a recent survey by Diplomeo, which aims to give the trends of social networks among the youngest.

If your radio station targets the 16-25-year-olds and you need to establish a communication strategy towards this audience, don’t hesitate to choose Instagram. A very complete service with classic publications, stories, real Tik Tok, and live, Instagram has established itself over the years as the favorite social network for young people, ahead of Snapchat and Facebook.

The trend has been reversed because four years ago Facebook was the leader. But now only 54% of 16-25-year-olds use Facebook.

Today, Instagram is therefore used by 82% of young people, followed very closely by Snapchat (74%). Instagram is the preferred social network for youth for the third consecutive year. With more than one billion users worldwide, the photo and video sharing application has carved out a place for itself in the world of social networks (Instagram belongs to Facebook).

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To keep in touch with your community of listeners, the use of Instagram is therefore necessary. Based on positive image and emotion, Instagram avoids (for the moment) the negative aspects of Facebook and Twitter, especially in terms of fake news and harassment. Take advantage of this opportunity to share a lot of content with your community and build loyalty.