QR codes, a great promotional tool for your radio/podcast

This two-dimensional barcode is in its prime right now. Why not use it to attract people to your radio or podcast site?

Are the good old days back? In many countries, the pandemic seems to be more and more under control. If Covid is still there, real life is starting again, at the expense of this virtual existence that was becoming more and more burdensome.

In this “real” life that is starting again, with the necessity to respect some constraints and other barriers, a small old tool is becoming useful again: the QR code (Quick Response Code).

Born in 1994 in Japan, the QR code takes the form of a two-dimensional barcode, made up of black squares on a white background, which can be decrypted after being flashed or scanned with the camera of a smartphone. With the deconfinement, the QR code, which had fallen into disuse, finds its letters of nobility and a real utility.

On the one hand, it serves as a health pass for individuals vaccinated or immunized against Covid and thus finds a utility shared by tens of millions of individuals who will be able to travel or access shows thanks to it. On the other hand, QR codes are flourishing everywhere at the entrance of bars and restaurants to improve the tracing of contaminated people and contact cases and their isolation. Not to mention, for example, and still for sanitary reasons, restaurant menus that are displayed on your smartphone after scanning a QR code.

In short, the QR code has found a daily and familiar use for millions of people. In a life that is becoming real again, the QR code is once again the shortest route between the physical and the virtual world. As expert James Cridland points out, it’s easier than typing the name of your radio station or podcast into Google, the QR code is the most direct way to bring your potential listeners to your radio station’s website or the page where your podcast is located.

Creating a QR code is very easy. Many generators, like unitag QR, allow you to create one in a few seconds and for free. You just have to copy and paste the URL you want the QR code to link to and the “magic square” is automatically generated.

Then, it’s up to you, and this is the most difficult part, to place your QR code on a maximum of printed documents, posters, flyers, business cards, entrance signs, windows, restaurant tables, counters…

Thanks to Covid-19, the QR has made a comeback. Take advantage of it!