Radio Compile has hired its first employee!

The world of the web radio is coming of age and radios that were just crazy projects in the heads of young high school students are now structured as real companies. Radio Compile, broadcast on Shoutcast, is a perfect example. Nicolas Braeckman, founded the radio station, based in Hannut, near Liège in Belgium along with his brother Alexandre more than 10 years ago, recently signed his first work contract.

“My brother dreamed of working on this project full time, so when we saw that there was the potential with the local news, in particular, we thought we should give it a try,” says Alexandre, who on his side is a sports journalist on Bel RTL.

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In concrete terms, we asked about the procedures and the possible and available subsidies,” continues Alexandre. We looked at the balance between this income and what the radio generated. We realized that, in the end, it was possible. So we went for it, we were very well assisted by the local council, by the Youth Centre, by professionals that explained everything to us… It was essential to avoid making mistakes.

“At the budget level, we have a part that depends on subsidies linked to the encouragement of employment within the associations. We have officially made Radio Compile a non-profit organization, which allows us to have official status. The other part of the salary is covered by the radio’s income.” With this, Nicolas will work full time on this project. He aims to develop synergies between the Hannuto associations and our radio station, to strengthen the link with the Youth clubs, to supervise our young people, and to develop the editorial, informative, and advertising aspects. In short, it should develop the project to exploit it further. Without giving our all, we were going to remain stagnant. So this is a huge opportunity.

“This is an important, crucial step because it will allow us to see if we can maintain a business model over the long term and if Radio Compile can become a self-financed media. It will allow us to test how far we can take the project. We have someone who will work on the radio permanently. We will no longer have those moments when we thought it was too cumbersome with our jobs. We’re opening new doors, new perspectives. It’s really exciting.”

This will open up great prospects for 2021? Yes, and there are several of them,” answers Alexandre. First of all, to anchor Radio Compile a little more in the lives of the people of Hannutois. Today, they call on us when they want to relay information in the region. It’s a great sign. But I’m alone to write, for example, the articles of the site. We will try to develop our services at this level and become even more influential in this field.

At the antenna level, we will continue our work with the Hannut Youth Club. We have huge projects that need to be put in place. With Nicolas working on them, we can finally bring them to fruition. We always want to have more young people, in radio, but in all areas. We want to involve them even more because they are in demand. We also want to be even more in tune with schools and associations dedicated to youth. Besides, we want to strengthen the local ties in radio in connection with the information offered on the website.

“We are also starting to develop our strategy on social networks. There too, we have a lot of projects that take time. We finally see the possibility of getting started. We’re also considering a mobile application, events when we can do it again, and other ideas, but we can’t reveal everything. There are projects. Now we have to make them happen, and that’s our big mission in 2021. »