Radio Fail: the blooper of radios

In radio, the mechanism is often well oiled, run in for many years. The studio is impeccable, the equipment is checked, the hosts and journalists are professional to the core… And yet, sometimes everything goes wrong and you hear funny things on the air. The error can be stupidly technical but also sometimes human and it is indeed in this second case that it is the funniest.

Radio fail is a podcast that brings together some of those strange moments that radio sometimes, almost too rarely, has in store for us… Microphones that will never turn on at Pulse 1 (and thus take us to a strange show with beds, jingles, music and… white! ), a host who may have forgotten what drinking in moderation was before opening her microphone, a journalist who, in the middle of his flash, is victim of a voice blackout on BBC London… These little bugs will amuse all radio professionals and show you that, even in the most prestigious radios, there are also, from time to time, a few mishaps on the air.