Rock & Folk Radio: the soundtrack of a mythical magazine

For the past year, the mythical French magazine Rock & Folk has had its web radio where it broadcasts an incredible playlist of 6000 tracks but also many shows. Shoutcast broadcasts it and Targetspot participates in its monetization. We met Clara Lemaire, in charge of digital, and Sacha Rosenberg the radio host.

A radio for Rock & Folk, when you think about it, it seems so obvious. The French monthly magazine, founded in 1966 and owned by Editions Larivière, offers very rich digital content, the radio, which has been in existence for a year, is one of the major assets.

Rock & Folk is a magazine for enthusiasts,” says Clara Lemaire. Our publisher wanted to diversify the brand and reach other audiences. The bet was made and won one year after its creation! Listeners can find all the music they like,” adds Sacha Rosenberg, who is the radio host. “We simply offer the Rock & Folk soundtrack. Of course, our radio station has to respect the editorial line of the magazine.”

A soundtrack that will make more than one producer want to listen to it since it contains 6,000 songs with the whole history of rock. Some of the tracks in rotation date back to before Elvis,” says Sacha, “and the latest tracks are the latest additions. The playlist was created by figures from the magazine such as Olivier Cachin and editor-in-chief Vincent Tannières,” Clara Lemaire proudly adds, highlighting the obvious link between this very recent radio station and a historic title from the French press, long directed by Philippe Manoeuvre.

The radio broadcasts via Shoutcast from a beautiful studio that regularly welcomes players from the rock scene to the show “On n’est du matin” or personalities “hors promo” in “Qu’est-ce que t’écoute”, where Sacha Rosenberg has already asked for their favorite playlist to the soccer polemist Daniel Riolo and the actor (and radio star) Manu Payet.

Rock & Folk Radio innovates in its relationship with listeners by choosing WhatsApp for direct dialogue. WhatsApp’s voicemail service is also popular with listeners, the best audio messages are broadcast on the air!

The immense work of Clara Lemaire and Sacha Rosenberg is rewarded by a great audience. The target of 50,000 unique listeners per month is pulverized with peaks of up to nearly 220,000 unique listeners per month, especially during confinement. Proof that with a strong brand to start with, listeners quickly take the first step!

All of which gives very high hopes for the monetization for which Targetspot is in charge of the program management. Rock & Folk Radio has not finished writing the story of a very strong brand!