Shoutcast’s RadioManager, a highly responsive tool

Shoutcast’s broadcasters benefit from a high-quality tool to program their radio. The RadioManager allows them to plan their programs up to 30 days in advance, ideal for peace of mind. But what is less well known is that it also offers a very high degree of reliability to change its program in a few minutes if the news makes itself felt. In short, the RadioManager not only offers easy planning, but it is also very responsive.

Indeed, this tool allows the broadcaster to organize their production thanks to the music bins (classification of musical tracks), the clocks (order of distribution of the music bins) and the Day Template (arrangement of the clocks over a typical 24-hour day) and then to generate a daily schedule. Once generated, this schedule can be modified. It is indeed possible:

  • move a song/jingle/voice track
  • add and/or delete a song/jingle/voice track

This allows you to change the normal course of your program if a specific event occurs, such as the disappearance of an artist, and you want to quickly program songs by that artist.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: just open the daily schedule and go to the period you wish to modify. The modification will be done track by track. When you pass the cursor over the line you want to modify, five small icons will appear at the end of the line :

By clicking on the first one you will be able to add an entry before this title. By clicking on the second one you will add an entry after it. By clicking on the third, you will be able to move the concerning track. The “i” icon gives you information about the track. As for the red cross, it allows you to delete it.

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By clicking on one of the first two icons, you will arrive on a search menu that allows you to find in your bins or even in your uploaded files (if the item you are looking for is not in a bin), the song, the jingle or the intervention/voice track you want to add.

The added file appears in green in the schedule and all you have to do is save the schedule (at the top of the schedule) for the modification to be taken into account and the added track to be broadcast.

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It is possible to make the modification up to 15 minutes before the broadcast time which guarantees a real reactivity. The program can thus be modified at the last moment without having to use the trays, clocks, and day template.