Social networks: a free tool to resize images

The presence of your radio on social networks is crucial, the visuals that you associate with each of your posts must be of high quality to generate a good rate of engagement and thus indirectly increase the awareness and audience of your radio. But depending on the networks, and the function that is attributed to an image (cover, profile, etc…), the formats are different.

The free Pixelhunter tool will allow you to resize your images in over 102 formats, as reported by Le Siècle Digital (in french)

How does it work? Nothing could be easier, you just have to upload your image. The site converts it, online, in all supported formats. It is then possible to download all 102 images at once or to choose the images.

Be careful though, the site does not work miracles. If your radio station’s logo is square, Pixelhunter will not skillfully transform it into a beautiful horizontal image. This tool does not replace a good choice of illustration according to the formats. It can however be very useful in many situations. So use it regularly without overdoing it.