Stay home and create radios with Shoutcast!

While most countries in the northern hemisphere are gradually protecting themselves from the coronavirus, it is time for many people to work from home, with the inevitable need to review their habits… and to work with music! However, a recent study has shown that teleworking fans are also big radio fans, so they listen all day long.

And with Shoutcast and its high-performance online radio manager, it has never been easier to create one or more radios while teleworking. This period of confinement due to the Covid-19 is, therefore, the possibility to launch, relaunch, rework one or more radios and maybe create new ones. On the one hand, because the potential listeners are more and more numerous, and on the other hand because it is very simple to develop one’s radios from home. 

But what kind of programs does it offer at this time? How do we adapt to the needs of these millions of potential new listeners and how do we retain them? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article with a few strong ideas.

1. Make a non-anxiety-provoking program 

If all the media is “only” talking about coronavirus, it’s time to create a smiling channel, let others tell the bad news and focus on pleasant and positive music. Without going so far as to broadcast only relaxing music, rework your playlist with titles that make you happy. As the days and weeks go by, listeners will get fed up with anxiety-provoking news and will come to think positively on your station.

2. Add tracks

Your listeners are bound to listen to you for longer, so diversify your program by increasing your playlist, to avoid your listeners coming across the same track too often, as their listening range is longer. In the same way, don’t hesitate to introduce new versions (live, maxi) so that your listeners have an increasingly varied selection.

3. Work more and more on your presence on social networks

Mark Zuckerberg explained it on Wednesday: consultations of social networks, Facebook in particular, has increased sharply since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis. So make an effort to communicate on these media to take advantage of it. Offbeat visuals, striking slogans, positive viral videos,… all means are good to help you get your message across. Also know how to communicate directly with your radio fans (private messages, responses to comments, etc.).

4. Speak on the air from time to time.

If there’s ever a time when you can afford a few on-air interventions, now is the time. Talk to your listeners, reassure them, send them positive vibes with a 20-30 second “speak” now and then on the air. And for that, it is not necessary to go live: Shoutcast’s radiomanager allows you to position your interventions in the schedule.

5. Rework your jingles and don’t overuse them.

To make your antenna always more fluid, make short and simple jingles and do not overdo it. Don’t promote your radio too exuberantly, be discreet and efficient.