Strategy, a key element in the success of a podcast

In a recent post, expert Steven Goldstein explains that it is very difficult to find your way to success if you don’t have a real strategy in place.

The time when it was enough to position oneself on a niche (poker? sewing?) to get success with one’s podcast is now over. As Steven Goldstein points out, there are dozens of podcasts on both poker and sewing and most of the slots are saturated.

But nothing says you won’t succeed in this sector. But you’ll need to have a well-thought-out strategy, which Amplify Media’s CEO summarizes in three points.

High value-added content

We must constantly place the listener at the heart of the creation of his concerns and ask the question: what will I bring to the listener with my podcast? In what way will what I’m going to say allow them a unique experience? Answering these questions will lead you to new and high-quality content.

Gain notoriety through successful digital marketing

Many high-quality podcasts have died because their publishers were never able to let people know they existed. No matter how well you record the best podcast, it won’t be successful if it gets stuck deep in the distribution platforms. To ensure its promotion, there are many ways: social networks, influencers, highlighting on different podcast news sites, … The more original and quality your podcast will be, the easier it will be to promote it.

Successfully making the first contact with the auditor

It is often in just a few seconds that the listener will decide whether or not to stay on your content. So take care more than ever of the name, the description, the entry jingle… Have a simple and easy-to-remember concept. The editing of your podcast, the illustration image, or the logo, the first seconds or minutes are therefore crucial to encourage the user to subscribe to your series and become loyal.

So don’t forget these three key points when you start your podcast project. A well-constructed project will always go further than if it is unstructured.