The fabulous playlist of America’s Best Oldies

This online radio created this year broadcasts the greatest hits of the 60s, drawing from a playlist of over 14,000 titles! Impossible to get bored!

Music has this peculiarity that it knows how to awaken memories, feelings, and emotions most buried by the thickness of time passing. When our ears fall on a track they haven’t heard for several decades, the hairs rise, the memory is revived, tears sometimes even appear in the corner of our eyes.

These unique moments are what America’s Best Oldies, broadcast on Shoutcast by Jim, has been offering its listeners for the past few months. But to reach his listeners, Jim hasn’t skimped on the playlist with a library of more than 14,000 tracks! Very difficult to fall several times on the same song! All the tracks of this mythical decade, mostly rock, sometimes folk, are programmed on America’s Best Oldies.

Even if some things still need to be improved (the radio site but also a jingle a little too repetitive), the essential, that is to say, the quality of the music, is there, with tracks that you can hear nowhere else! With hard work, the quality of the ensemble should improve even more and convince thousands of listeners! America’s Best Oldies, a beautiful gem in the making.