The fabulous story of Japanimradio

For 10 years, this webradio has been broadcasting Japanese and Korean music and manga culture all over the world. All of this is thanks to the talent of Mikael who built this project from France with the support of many partnerships in Japan. Back to a success story made in Shoutcast. 

In the beginning, there was an enthusiast of manga, J-Pop, J-Music, Vovaloid, K-Pop… Mikael, who lives in Pau in the South West of France, was only 20 years old in 2010 when he decided to launch Japanimradio. “The objective was to share my passion for J-Pop, manga culture etc… But for that I had to learn the world of radio, says Mikael, who worked long hours to create a very specific program for the radio and did a tremendous amount of referencing work.

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Japanimradio’s logo

Over the years, the programming has grown and listeners, seduced by this format, have arrived in numbers from all over the world. “There were peaks of several thousand simultaneous listeners,” says Mikael. As a result, some radio professionals in Japan discovered the radio and contacted Mikael. “This allowed us to establish real working relationships, especially to get new tracks very quickly, but also to do many live performances from Japan, especially from nightclubs like Milulari, but also with DJs like DJ TNK2.

Dj Tnk2, one of the many Japanese partners of Japanimradio

Japanimradio is broadcasted on Shoutcast, of which Mikael particularly appreciates the planner, “very practical to program your radio without having a computer running all the time,” explains Mikael. The radio maintains a large part of its relations with its listener’s thanks to a very active Twitter account.

And the success story of Japanimradio is far from being over, Mikael and his numerous Japanese partners have many surprises in store for us in the coming weeks!