The music niches that can be a hit on a web radio

Creating a web radio is now a child’s play thanks to Shoutcast. In just a few minutes you can launch your web radio and start broadcasting. But how do you stand out from the fierce competition?

To do so, you might as well position yourself clearly on a well-identified musical niche, to attract the many fans of a specific musical theme to your radio station. The idea seems to be pretty easy, you choose a niche and exploit it to the maximum. But in reality, choosing the right musical niche is not so easy. We will help you to do so in this article. 

    Choosing an instrument: saxophone, piano, guitar, violin…, why not dedicate your radio to an instrument? It is probably the most obvious way to identify your radio in just a few seconds of listening and to unite all the fans of this instrument! This is an exciting option because it offers the possibility of exploring the entire repertoire of the same instrument, which provides a very diverse choice of programming.

    The choice of a regional identity/language: how many radio stations broadcast exclusively music interpreted in Corsican, Alsatian, Breton or Basque? Not too many, so there are market niches to be taken and an audience proud of its identity to be conquered.

    Musical genres still unexplored by webradios: get out of the official formats, choose a niche and hold on. Here are a few examples:

– A cappella: voices and only voices, without any instruments.

 Blues: universal, blues certainly expresses sadness but remains a very popular genre.

– Big Band: jazz with the fast tempo of an orchestra. Fans will appreciate it.

– Drone: a piece of minimalist but upbeat music, a genre that is hardly explored.

 – French Touch: the French version of house music from the 90s

– Glam Rock: a musical current born in the UK in the 70s and which preceded the punk movement, with David Bowie and Roxy Music at the forefront.

– Italo Disco: the spaghetti-style disco of the 70s, kitsch at will, to be listened to without limit.

– Spirituals: the music of black slaves in the United States in the 19th century. It preceded gospel music.

 – Opera: few radios are dedicated to this musical genre, even though it is very well known and rich in “hits”. Give it a try!

 – Ska: the ancestor of reggae was born in Jamaica in the 1950s. A very recognizable rhythm that will work very well on web radio.

– Smooth jazz: very accessible jazz, with soul, funk and pop influences.

Of course, the list is far from being complete, but it has the merit of highlighting musical genres for which the offer of web radios is far from being still abundant. 

It’s up to you!