The Tula Mic is unique and autonomous

The professional aspect does not prevent, from time to time, to give in to the temptation of a beautiful design. The Tula Mic, released a few weeks ago, meets this dual objective of quality and aesthetics. Its deliberately retro look will please many, as will its size and… its high-quality rendering, because this is above all what we expect from a good microphone when we want to record a podcast, for example.

The first impression of this microphone is obvious as soon as you unpack it. It has a rather beautiful look (available in black, red, pastel green, and cream), it is small, compact, and therefore practical (89x55x21 mm for a weight of 185g). The stand folds easily on the microphone to carry it. It is very easy.

The microphone comes with a 102.5-centimeter USB-C to USB-A cable, as well as an adapter to attach the microphone to a stand.  

On the technical side, the Tula Mic thus offers a USB-C port, a 3.4 mm jack port that allows you to connect a headset or a mic. What about the microphone? There are two capsules (cardioid and omnidirectional).

Another advantage of this microphone is that it is autonomous and has 8GB of internal memory allowing more than ten hours of recording (as well as its internal battery). The recordings are in 24 bits 48 kHz and can benefit from a Brusfri noise reduction system that is rather effective.

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During recording, the buttons needed to control the microphone are located on both sides. There are also two LEDs on the front panel to indicate the gain level and the recording activation. A final LED on the back indicates the battery level of the Tula Mic. In short, the operation is very simple.

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What about the result? It is rather good, indeed very good for a microphone of this price range. The ergonomics/performance ratio is very good. If it is of course possible to choose the capsule according to the use of the microphone, you can also choose to activate or not the noise reduction knowing that the microphone records both tracks (with or without reduction), it allows you to compare and choose the best.

Moreover, once connected to your computer, the microphone will behave like a hard disk with the possibility of recovering .wav files.

The only drawback is that the manufacturer has not provided a suitable windshield. For your outdoor recordings, you will have to make a foam. As for the price, currently 219€ on Amazon, it makes it an interesting product, especially for recording audio content with quality sound in a piece of portable equipment.