Unexpected: for some radio stations, it’s already Christmas…

No, Christmas hasn’t changed the date. In 2020, it will be on December 25th. But the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has changed many habits, including those of the programmers of some radio stations, especially in the United States. As mentalfloss points out, these radio stations have chosen to play the music program usually scheduled for Christmas – in the middle of July!

The idea behind the festive programming is to bring Christmas joy to listeners during this stressful time. Some stations, such as KEZ 99.9 in Phoenix, began playing holiday tunes as soon as the lockdown began in March.

Other stations from San Diego to Ireland have joined this funny trend and broadcast tracks like “Winter Wonderland” or “Jingle Bell Rock”! The radio station ChristmasFM, which only broadcasts its programs at the end of the year, exceptionally chose to start broadcasting again for one day, on July 9th.

The aim of this original programming is to boost radio audiences, who always record excellent scores with their Christmas playlist every year. With the radio industry, you’re never at the end of your surprises!