United States: 176 million Americans listening to streaming audio, a historic record!

Audio streaming in the United States has never been so strong, as revealed by The Infinite Dial 2001, a study published by Edison Research and Triton digital, carried out last January and February, by telephone, among 1507 people representative of the American population aged 12 and over.

This study details, year after year, the behaviors of Americans with digital media, and the results concerning online audio are particularly encouraging.

Thus, 62% of Americans, or 176 million individuals, listen to audio online each week (digital stream of AM/FM stations or streaming broadcast only online), which is an increase of two percent compared to the previous year.

Another encouraging fact, and one that challenges a common misconception, is that there are often multiple listeners listening to streaming audio on the same device. There is often more than one pair of ears behind the smartphone, tablet, computer, or connected speaker that is streaming audio. More than half of listeners (51%) listen to their content sometimes (27%) or often (24%) with another person. This tendency to listen with others is particularly pronounced among 12-34-year-olds, as the following results indicate:

Audio streaming continues its overall growth in the United States, while it was already very high in recent years, proof that this mode of consumption is more than ever installed in the duration among Americans. Concerning the podcast, the trend is also on the rise, as we detail in this article.