United States: digital radio is being listened to more and more in the car

The car has been the ideal place to listen to the radio for ages. Historically, this listening is usually done on good old AM/FM radios. Because of the mobility and continuity of the signal, these analogical listening devices resist well to the digital revolution. Indeed, if, at home, digital now exceeds FM/AM in consumption patterns, it is less the case in the car where audio is still mostly listened to with an old radio…

In the United States, as demonstrated by the recent study The Infinite Dial 2020, which details digital consumption patterns in the United States. Audio still comes mostly from AM/FM radios. But online radio is on a very favorable trend, since digital radio listening in the car has gained 5 points between 2019 and 2020 to reach 33%. An encouraging trend and a figure that shows the considerable audience potential that still needs to be conquered by digital radios in cars.

With the arrival of the 5G, there’s a good chance that the trend will continue and that people will increasingly listen to the radio online from their car, through an in-car audio system or simply via their smartphone. On this subject 45% of Americans have already listened to online audio through their smartphone in the car. This is 4 points more than in 2019. A very promising trend here as well.