United States: the talk has the wind in its sails

Listeners are turning more and more to conversational audio content and less and less to music. That’s what the latest “Spoken audio word report” shows.

Spoken audio is on the rise! While music is still the main element listened to by American listeners, talk has been steadily increasing since 2014, with an overall increase of 30% in listening to this type of content in the United States. This can be seen even more clearly if we look at the consumption of content thanks to smartphones :

In 2014, the consumption of “talk” audio content was only 11% compared to 89% for music. In 2020, if the trend has not been reversed, the ratio is moving towards a balance with a 70/30 ratio still in favor of music.

75% of the US population listened to the audio content in the previous month. 43% listen to it every day.

There are many reasons for such success in a growth that goes hand in hand with the advent of podcasting. The study summarizes the motivations of listeners in the following cloud:

This proves more than ever that music is no longer the only type of content that listeners are looking for. In podcasts and broadcasts, spoken word content provided it is of high quality, is increasingly popular.