Video: “Radio has always been able to innovate”

Brilliant British physicist of the 19th century, Lord Kelvin said at least one silly thing: “Radio has no future” in 1897. The next two centuries showed us exactly the opposite. Over the decades, radio has always been able to evolve, reinvent itself, and adapt to the times. The web radios and podcasts that we produce and listen to today are only an extension of the very first broadcasts made by the Russian Popov, the Italian Marconi, or the Canadian Fessenden as far back as 120 years ago.

On Tuesday evening, during Innov’Audio, the biggest digital audio event in France, Australian James Cridland, one of the world’s leading specialists in the audio world, spoke a little about the history of our industry and, to a large extent, about its current evolution and its ability to innovate constantly. Take 13 minutes to watch this video in English with subtitles, it’s full of lessons!