Vintage Radio, proud to be on Shoutcast

Vintage Radio brings together the best of what music has been doing for the past 50 years. From Marvin Gaye to Depeche Mode, Queen Pink, Floyd, or… Abba. An incredible collection of golds but also rare nuggets found by Jonathan Romain in Louvain-la-Neuve, 30 km from Brussels. He created this radio station more than 10 years ago and more and more fans from all over the world are listening to it. If you like good rock and pop you won’t be disappointed.

“I’ve always loved music and sharing that passion,” says Jonathan. When I was 14, I started a Michael Jackson fan club and with a few other fans, I started a magazine, newsletters, and later a website. A few years later, I equipped myself with equipment and started DJing parties. In 2009, I created Radio Vintage to share my passion for music, with a clear rock, pop, 70’s and 80’s vibe, and almost exclusively English speaking.”

he radio station, whose program is now fully developed, was just a simple project at the beginning: “It was just a radio station for my friends, my entourage, and a few music fans I knew. Very soon I had listeners from all over the world. A Facebook advertising campaign in 2011 allowed me to grow with a big audience coming mainly from Central and South America. I had to learn more Spanish because I started receiving a lot of encouraging messages from listeners, so I have a guideline to respond to all of them. Since then, the radio has been living its little life without any ups and downs and survives despite strong competition.”

Despite the dominance of “golds”, the program is reviewed regularly: “Since the vast majority of the artists I program are retired, or even already in the paradise of music legends, I have no new releases to program, but I do research every week on artists who “seem” very well known to discover and integrate rarer nuggets, live tracks, etc.”. Currently, I’m working on a wide variety of artists: Springsteen, Joy Division… but also Kraftwerk and the late Florian Schneider.”

The radio migrated from Radionomy to Shoutcast six months ago without any difficulties: “Without any problems! It hasn’t changed much frankly, although I’m pleased to see that there are far fewer technical freezes than with the previous solution. Shoutcast is a great name, international by the way… so I’m very proud of it.”