What material do you need to record your podcast?

Have you decided to go into podcasting? Excellent decision! It’s the most popular medium and, unlike blogging, it’s still possible to stand out and make a name for yourself. But once you’ve decided on the theme, the title, the possible guests, the duration… In a nutshell, once you’ve decided on the content, you’ll have to move on to recording. And to make it a success, don’t neglect the quality of your material. Poor sound quality will scare your listeners away or, at best, make your blog look like amateur work.

In this article, we’ll look at what equipment to select (recorder, microphone,…) for a quality podcast.

The recorder

Two brands are preferred by the experts: Tascam and Zoom. We have selected the Zoom H5 which allows the connection of two microphones (XLR or TRS) in addition to the head capsule. It’s an affordable mid-range model (it’s currently sold for 279 $ on Amazon) and suitable for quality podcasts. It has been around since 2014 and has therefore proven itself. A truly small portable studio.

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The microphone(s)

Again, this is a major investment. No need to explain that the voice of the podcaster(s) must be captured in the best possible way. The Sennheiser E 835 S is golden in this respect. The metal claw protects against unwanted noise for a high-quality recording. It is currently sold for 79$ by Thomann. It is recommended to buy two microphones if you welcome guests regularly in your podcast.

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Your audio files will be saved to an SDHC memory card. Choose a 32 GB memory card so you don’t run out of space. The model we’ve selected costs 7 $ on Amazon.

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You will also need one or more cables to connect your microphone to your recorder. You can find them on Amazon starting at 10 $.

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To record outdoors without fear of wind, a windscreen will be necessary. You can get one for less than 7,5 $.

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To keep your hands free while recording your podcast, it’s best to mount your microphones on stands. This is not a mandatory accessory but can be a real plus. Choose the adjustable one like the Moukey model we have selected, which costs 18.99 euros.

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All you have to do is choose a headset, which is important for editing. Many models exist, at all prices. But if you want to treat yourself, treat yourself to the Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless. A noise-canceling headset with excellent acoustic comfort. Bonus: the sound is muted as soon as you remove the headphones. Its biggest handicap remains its price, currently set at 399 euros on Amazon. But when you love something…

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