Which podcast categories have grown the most in the United States?

Thanks to Podtrac, which measures the listening of podcasts in the United States every week, we now know how this audience evolves over the year, globally, but also with segmentation by category of podcasts.

The latest figures published on September 7 also include the accounts for the last 52 weeks and thus draw up the balance sheet for a season marked by the health crisis.

What are Podtrac’s conclusions for the period from September 2, 2019, to September 6, 2020? First of all, the audience for podcasts in the United States grew by 52%. This is a global trend, which started before the start of confinement and continued afterward.

Then, we observe that the evolution, still over 52 weeks, is different according to the categories:

The increase is 103% for News, 55% for Business, 51% for True Crime, 43% for Comedy, 40% for sports, 29% for Science, 27% for Arts, 25% for Society and Culture, 19% for History and 16% for Education.