Why it’s a good idea to target the over-55s with your radio station

Is online radio, a relatively new medium, only for younger people? Well no! An oldies program aimed at a 55-75 audience has its rightful place! It would indeed be a shame to think that boomers are still clinging to their old AM/FM radio. On the contrary, they are more and more connected, very active on social networks (especially Facebook), and represent an attractive target for advertising.

That’s what Matt Degan, a British audio blogger, said in one of his recent posts, and his thoughts are quite interesting.

Looking at the English radio market he says that “radio works pretty well with older audiences – Radio 2, local BBC, Classic FM, Radio 4, Smooth – but these stations seem to try too explicitly to attract younger listeners. There is a place for radio stations that are going to target the over-55s without wanting to rejuvenate their audience.”

Matt Degan is right, the over-55s, who are far from being old and still very active, are increasingly numerous in many Western countries and they have always loved to listen to the radio. Why try to rejuvenate the radios they faithfully listen to, at the risk of disturbing these loyal listeners. All the more so, adds Matt Degan, as “it is very difficult to change the image of a brand to attract younger people.”

What about the advertising market?

“Admittedly, this age group has often already chosen its brands (washing powder, toothpaste, car…) and advertising is not necessarily going to make them change their minds, analyses Matt Degan in substance. “But with the extension of life expectancy, a person of 65 years old today is not the same as a person of the same age 20 years ago. Perhaps 55-75-year-olds are more like 35-55-year-olds. Boomers have incomes, activities and consume a lot. Moreover, Covid has launched this generation into the online shopping market, which represents a new opportunity for online advertising.”

“The trick, he concludes, will be to try to be contemporary in voice and attitude, while broadcasting nostalgic hits to be in tune with this audience. »

Ok oldies but no old-fashioned jingles and short, classic speeches, this is the winning cocktail of a radio station that targets a large and very active listener population. Why not launch a radio station towards this target in 2021?