World Radio Day will take place on February 13.

10 years, that’s something to celebrate! World Radio Day was proclaimed in 2011 by UNESCO Member States and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. It has been set for February 13.

“This year’s theme, “New World, New Radio”, reminds us how much this medium is a source of inspiration for many people.

It is part of the history of mankind, following the different evolutions of our society by adapting its services, says UNESCO in a press release. As the world changes, so do radio.

“During the Covid 19 pandemic, for example, it helped to ensure continuity to fight against misinformation, to promote barrier gestures.

New World, New Radio” is, therefore, an ode to the resilience of radio,” continues UNESCO. It is a tribute to its capacity to adapt constantly, to the rhythm of societal transformations, and the new needs of listeners.

Accessible everywhere and at any time, radio reaches a wide audience and is presented as a “radio station”.

an arena where all voices can be expressed, represented, and heard.

This is why today it remains the most widely consumed medium in the world.

UNESCO offers three ways to join the celebration.

– Recall that radio has been part of our media landscape for years and that it evolves according to events, the health, socio-economic, political, and legislative context.

– To encourage the connection and the maintenance of the link that radio allows through the different services rendered, in all circumstances and in all corners of the world.

– Highlight the different forms of listening to the radio, at any time and anywhere, which make it the number one medium for mobility thanks to its adaptation to new technologies.

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